25 Years Clean & Sober  Thomas "Hollywood" Henders

25 Years Clean & Sober Thomas "Hollywood" Henders

The DVD includes classic NFL footage, intimate speeches from the Silver Anniversary Event with Thomas' family, friends and colleagues, and a speech by Thomas Henderson himself, as he shares the "25 Things That Have Changed My Life in the the Last 25 Years." Features the renowned addiction specialist Dr. Joseph Pursch, various former Dallas Cowboy players, the Cowboy's former coach (Tom Landry) and various friends, family, treatment professionals and people in recovery who have been instrumental in the success of Thomas' life over the past 25 years -- and who have been equally inspired by him.

This film is must-have inspiration for clients and counselors alike, in youth programs, adult programs, prevention, treatment, counseling, corrections and reentry. Thomas Henderson's films have been widely used nationwide and are only available through FMS. Own his newest work, filled with tried-and-true recovery processes and skills -- and of course relevant life anecdotes from the always-charming and relentlessly honest "Hollywood" Henderson.

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25 Years Clean & Sober  Thomas "Hollywood" Henders