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We are a leader in the industry of educational and treatment films, and we pride ourselves on our premiere collection of videos, DVDs, and curricula that are truly among the highest quality in the field today, coupled with a commitment to outstanding and friendly customer service.

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  • 1210 Evolution of Madness

    1 video

    This two-part training video is designed for the therapeutic staff working with today's addicted population. The dynamics surrounding today's addict are different from those of twenty years ago. Michael Johnson provides helpful strategies for counselors.

  • Pulling Punches:Pt3 Anger Reduction & Long Term Ch

    1 video

    Part 3: Anger Reduction and Long Term Changes
    How to become a less angry person! Recovering addicts present practical, specific, proven strategies they use successfully, such as:

    Reconstructing faulty beliefs
    Healing the wounds of childhood
    Assertive conflict resolution and expressio...