Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Part II

Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Part II

Session 6 of the series deals with the attempt to control others. Errors in thinking such as, "If I'm not in control, I'm a nobody," and, "I make the money, so I'm in control," are looked at. The effect of our control over others can only be damaged relationships and pain for everyone.

Session 7 features a role play of a recently released man who encounters a woman he used to date. The thinking error, "You owe, so do what I want," is analyzed. The wife of a group member shares in an interview, the damaging and painful effects of her husband's controlling behavior.

Session 8 includes a role play and sharing by group members on the idea of playing on a parent's guilt, love, and fear to get what we want. The error in thinking, "If you love me, give me what I want," is looked at.

Session 9 discusses how an attempt to control others can be a signal of the beginning of relapse, as we ride the pleasure of the power and/or feel the pain of hurting others. We need to act fast and have a plan of action to prevent relapse. Various time-tested plans of action are shared by the group.

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Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Part II

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