Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Part III

Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Part III

Session 10 of the series presents a power-charged roleplay of a recently released husband and his wife, revealing an error in thinking: "My point of view is right. Period." What is the result of failing to see another's point of view?

Session 11 looks at coming home from prison and coming back into childrens' and partners' lives, and the thinking errors that can complicate re-entry back into the family system.

Session 12 includes one of the most powerful and thought-provoking segments in the program for the group. A guest speaker, a woman who along with her young daughter was a victim of a violent crime, recounts her chilling experience. She discusses the long-term psychological effects that resonate to this day for both of them, even years later.

Session 13 With a new found compassion for the victim, group members share their experiences as the perpetrator in violent crimes like the one described. They realize for the first time the true impact of their actions on victims like her, whereas before, "I never thought about the victim."

Session 14 looks at conflict resolution by way of empathy. A roleplay illustrate what happens in a romantic relationship when empathy is not used by both partners.

Session 15 contains a review of the three main areas of thinking errors covered in this series, and a general wrap-up.

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Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Part III