0610 Breaking the Chains of Addiction Series

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  • 0610A Breaking The Chains Pt 1

    Filmed at Richland Correctional Facility in Ohio, Dr. Nuckols shares with inmates the science of how to overcome addiction and improve 80-90% of their life. He explores the differences between addicts and non-addicts and explains what research proves you should do to recover. He discusses choices...

  • 0610B Breaking The Chains Pt 2

    Part Two: "Managing a Craving" Dr. Nuckols addresses the memory of drug use, dopamine, common craving triggers and craving management. He also discusses changing behaviors, realizing that you can overcome your addiction and improve 80-90% of your life and the importance of developing a safety plan.

  • 0610C Breaking The Chains Pt 3

    Part Three: "Telling Your Story"

    Dr. Nuckols explains how your past consists of the ingredients that make you who you are today. Breaking old patterns opens up new possibilities that will allow you to break away from old destructive behaviors. He discusses the importance of telling your story ...

  • 0610D Breaking The Chains Pt 4

    Part Four: "Getting Connected"

    Dr. Nuckols discusses how you connected in life through drugs and then explains three types of recovery connections